Business Lead Generation

With our business lead generation service we are able to create a specially coded lead generation website that focuses primarily on getting leads for your  business. The way this service works is we design a lead generation website that utilizes a variety of call to actions which includes:

Video Creation

We create a specialized video specific to your business for ranking in Youtube. This video is custom developed exclusively for your business and will generate leads to your website, along with direct phone calls through our call tracking system which is explained below.

Example video:


Telephone Number Forwarding (For Lead Tracking)

We register a specific number for all the leads we send to your business. Each call that is made to our number is automatically forwarded to your business telephone number. You will always know when a lead is generated from our site since you will hear a notification message prior to the call informing you that the lead is being generated from for example “”.

Lead Generation Website

Using our custom developed lead generation themes, we’ll create a website where its main focus is simply generating calls and lead form submissions to your business. This lead generation website will be ranked in the top ten in Google for a specific keyword that relates your business. This will lead to highly targeted phone calls.


This lead generation website is setup for a roofing company in Atlanta, and ranks in the top ten for highly targeted keywords.

Facebook Fan Page

We create a Facebook fan page for the lead generation site. This page is setup to create a community specific to your business niche. Using our marketing techniques we amass targeted fans to your page by having the posts we make on the page go viral on Facebook. Using Facebook we are able to channel these fans to your lead generation website.

Banner Placements

Through specific local banner placements on mobile applications, we are able to deliver targeted traffic to the mobile landing page of your lead generation website. Every person that clicks on the banner we design for your mobile landing page is a possible lead, and the page is setup to encourage the potential client to call or email you regarding your services.



Our business lead generation websites are leased on a month to month basis and each focuses on a specific high ranking keyword. The site will be created and ranked in the top ten of Google for a particular keyword that relates to your business. All leads generated from that website will go to you, and you will have control over the website and it’s leads on a month to month basis.

Pricing: $997/month per site created
Call us: 1-855-331-1472