Mobile Designs

Here is the powerful tool your competitors are currently using to pull in an avalanche of red hot leads, attract more sales, stamp their dominance in your niche and gain an edge over you and your business. What’s their secret? It’s mobile based web designs.



Underestimate the power of having a mobile site at your own risk!

‘Hang on a minute though,’ you say…‘Why should I bother putting up a mobile site, when I’ve got a perfectly functioning regular website that does a good job of advertising my business online?’ Great question! Allow us to explain…

In today’s ultra-competitive marketing world, having only a ‘normal’ site is simply not going to cut it anymore.

That’s not all though…

Here are 2 MORE compelling (and very profitable) reasons why it makes perfect business sense to immediately put up a mobile version of your actual website. Two undeniable facts that prove having a mobile-friendly website boosts sales, generates floods of targeted leads and attracts even more publicity for your business.

It is being forecast that there would be 1.7 billion mobile web users by the year 2014.

Here is a mobile browsing breakdown as of September 2012


Mind-boggling, huh?

And massive profits await anyone that’s wise enough to jump aboard the mobile advertising bandwagon without delay.

Now, here are some stats that will excite you even more…

According to a US Consumer Mobile Movement survey conducted in April, 2011, of people that react to viewing an ad on a mobile phone:

  • 42% go ahead and click on the ad
  • 35% take a look at the advertiser’s website
  • 27% ring up the business being advertised
  • A whopping 49% make a purchase!
  • Furthermore, 71% of cell phone users that spot an online/tv/offline ad, do a search on their mobile phones afterward.

Search engine giant, Google, states that the number of searches performed on mobile phones have dramatically skyrocketed in the last year. For many products/services, 1 in 7 searches are now done on a phone.

In fact, here’s what Jason Spero stated at the Google ThinkMobile presentation held in February 2011:

“Roughly one in seven searches, even in the smaller categories, are happening on a mobile phone, but how many of you are putting one seventh of your resources into mobile – anyone who hasn’t got mobile only business?

Your customer is trying to engage you… it would be like not doing business with your customers on Thursdays.”

What’s more…

In 3 mobile searches are local. After researching a local business on their smartphone, 61% of users call the business and 59% actually visit the store/company.

Moreover, 79% of smartphone users utilize their gadget to make purchases on the internet.